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✅💫prevention is better than cure. make your fishing trip safer by using the fish grip claw

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 Ergonomic Handle

 Portable Tool

Pronged Design

Fish Control

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Item Name: Fishing Pliers
Material: Metal
Adjustable speeds: 4 speed levels
Features: with Handle, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Portable
Size Details:
A, L: 20cm/7.87", W: 7cm/2.76" (Approx.)
B, L: 20cm/7.87", W: 12cm/4.72" (Approx.)

What's in the box?


How to use

Here are the steps to use the Fish Grip Claw:

  1. Open the jaws of the grip claw by squeezing the trigger.
  2. Position the grip claws around the fish's mouth, ensuring a secure hold.
  3. Gently squeeze the trigger again to close the jaws securely around the fish.
  4. Lift the fish out of the water while securely holding onto the grip claw.
  5. Release the fish by gently opening the jaws of the grip claw using the trigger.

Make sure to handle the fish with care and release it safely back into the water after use.


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Take control of your fishing experience with our premium Fishing Pliers Gripper! Safely handle your catch and make every fishing trip a success.

Ergonomic Grip

The Fish Grip Claw is designed with a comfortable, ergonomic handle that allows for a firm grip even in wet conditions. This feature reduces hand fatigue and ensures you can hold on to your catch securely.

Three-Pronged Claw

With Its Unique 3-Pronged Claw Design, This Tool Provides A Superior Hold On The Fish, Preventing It From Slipping Away. This Design Is Especially Useful For Catching And Releasing Fish Safely Without Causing Harm.

Enhance family fishing fun with the stainless steel fish gripper. A cherished gift for everyone!

Suitable for all sizes

Small size and light weight

Perfect gift

Ease of use

Secure grip

Durable and reliable

Fish Grip Claw Features

Versatile Application

Ideal for various fishing excursions, this three-claw fishing grip tool is compatible with a wide range of freshwater fish species including bass, trout, walleye, catfish, carp, and more. Its adjustable three-claw design accommodates different sizes and shapes of fish mouths, providing a secure and stable grip.

Ease of use

This three-claw gripper is easy to use, as you simply squeeze the trigger to open the clip and catch the fish. After that, you can safely hold the fish without it being damaged, allowing you to measure its weight and length, and take pictures with it safely.

Fear of touching fish

I know that there are many young children who love to fish, but they are afraid to touch the fish and cannot remove the hook from its mouth. This three-claw gripper will facilitate the process of removing the hook from the fish's mouth without touching it, and also without harming it. It makes them self-reliant, and they do not ask for help from anyone else

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